Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cats are evil

I'm sorry in advance for all you cat lovers out there but cats are absolutely 100% pure evil. Dogs are awesome they are loving, snuggle up to you, sit on your lap, sleep on your bed but cats... don't even get me started they are prissy little bundles of stuck-up-ness who think they are superior to everyone around them! They scratch and bite and meow and hiss... pure evil

here is a video to prove why :)

please enjoy

i have a story about my sisters cat actually,
so this cat comes into my house right and thinks it can just take over, walking around like it owns the place, no bitch you do not own the place the dog was here first.. we were all here first you play by our rules, but no my parents are all lovey dovey and treat the cat like royalty so she thinks she can venture anywhere she likes. I got home from school one day and she was sitting on my desk chair and i reached out to move her and she bit me, like full on chunk into my hand blood spurting bit me, ITS MY CHAIR!!!! even worse she walks on the kitchen island, it is a sanitary place where we eat I don't want to bloody cat up there waltzing around with her dirty paws, my mother of cause thinks it is adorable, i actually put my dog on their one day because you know if the cats allowed up there then why isn't the dog? he enjoyed it immensly my parents not so much...
so this is a lesson learnt, cats are manipulative and evil.... i guess they are magicians in little fluffy form.


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