Monday, 7 November 2011

Essay's and Distractions

Today I am sitting at home, writing my english speech for my up and coming HSC assessment, woop wooop..

I would just like to say for all of those people out there like me that put things off to the last minute that it is a fucking bad idea and I don't recommend it... What is it like 7:45 at night, this is the time of day when the good TV shows are on, and I know teachers and lecturers are always saying year 12's don't have a life.. I say thats bullshit you should absolutely have a life in between study!
Also I would have finished my speech by now if it weren't for all the wonderful distractions out there, like facebook and youtube and sidereel and just google in general. The distractions are seriously endless, even the swivel chair I sit on is entertaining as hell when I am board I mean who doesn't love a chair that goes around and around and goes up and down, it's like a roller-coaster in your own home :)
So yea I would just like to say PEOPLE do not get distracted it is not a good idea, get your work done and then go out and have funnnn!!

thats all for now,
laters x

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